Rental Policy

Rental Day

A rental period consists of 24 hours, unless rented for multiple days. Equipment is charged for the first time out NOT time used. See breakdown below:

  • 1 Day = 8 hrs. used in a 24-hour period
  • 1 Week = 40 hrs. used in a 7-day period
  • 1 Month = 160 hrs. used in a 28-day period

Usage exceeding these limits will be charged at a pro-rated amount of:

1/8th the daily rate, 1/40th the weekly rate, 1/160th of monthly rate.


Equipment Care:


Equipment is delivered full of fuel. A refueling charge of $6.00 per gallon will be applied if equipment is returned not full. No refueling of equipment is allowed on AL Machine Shop Property. Also our drivers will not stop at fuel stations to allowed customers to refuel equipment.


In an ongoing effort to keep our prices fair and competitive we are now charging a cleaning deposit on all rentals. If you choose not to clean the equipment after your use, you will forfeit your deposit.


There is no charge for normal wear and tear, but damage due to misuse, improper care or neglect will result in a charge.


Delivery and pickup is a service we provide. Pricing is quoted when a rental is quoted (some restrictions apply). If delivery/pickup is in a gated community we require the gate code, our delivery trucks have limitations due to their size, weight, maneuverability, and size of equipment being delivered. Please communicate when putting in your reservation if you have restrictions to your property or neighborhood please let us know.


A valid ID must be present for all rentals.


Deposits are taken on all rentals in the form of debit/credit card, PayPal, ACH or bank wire.

Weekend Rentals – Customer has a Choice

Pay weekend rate and get the machine delivered sometime on Friday or Saturday morning. Customer gets 16 hours of run / meter time. Machine needs to be ready for pick up Monday morning by 7:00 am.

If customer decides they need machine into Monday, they will then pay the two day rate – still having 16 hours of run time (Pending machine availability). Customer will need to notify office to get approval.

Pay for 2 days and get the machine for Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Customer’s choice, machine is off rent at 7:00 am following day. Customer gets 16 hours of rent time. Machine will be delivered day before or first day of rental.

One day rentals are still available Monday-Friday. They will be scheduled by our schedule. Two day and longer take priority delivery.

Towable Items

Trailers and towable equipment have restrictions as to the size of the vehicle needed to tow these Units. These restrictions are set by State and Federal Safety Standards. All vehicles towing our equipment or trailers are to be the proper size with a permanently mounted trailer hitch, and meet these safety standards.

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